are male massage therapists less sucessful than female massage therapists?

It is not so much the therapists "fault" as it is the "massage parlor" mentality of a large percentage of the potential female clientele that I have come across.

First of all, let me make this perfectly clear...I am NOT denigrating women in any way shape or form, and unfortunately there have been many women who HAVE been abused by men (which should not have happened and there is no excuse for happening), which, in my opinion, is where a lot of the mistrust of male therapists comes into play.

When I had worked as an MT in a spa/salon, and a brand new potential female client has the choice of a male vs a female therapist, more often than not, a female therapist is chosen.

When I have been the "only" MT available, and I work on a reticent female client for the first time, she invariably becomes a "regular" client of mine.

So, "long story/short", it is my considered opinion, that if the misunderstandings or misperceptions that many women have about male MTs can be dispelled by reputable male MTs and/or education about the subject, it would make the experience more pleasurable for all involved.