"haemoglobin increased means,OMG!!!:)"

Recently I have noticed one good thing about haemoglobin. What does it means, if haemoglobin count increases from 5 to 5.1, or 4 to 5 or 11 to 12..... It means that ones strength has increased , no virus has eaten the strength, increase in haemoglobin count simply means that, " no AIDS"..... Wew!:)..... But, decrease in haemoglobin count doesnt mean that one has aids, it simply means, one must eat food properly,or has become weak , because due to variation in food intake...... This also doesnt mean, one should check haemoglobin today or in future without any reason, it is just a good news for people, in the past, whose haemoglobin count has increased even by some decimal point,no matter what to what number..... And yes again decrease doesnt mean one should panic, because it is normal, that one has not eaten food properly or due to some thousand reasons,because its just a haemoglobin,n haemoglobin keeps on varying, that is normal!...haemoglobin means variation back or fourth, that is very normal... Increase just means .....healthy....:-)