How to Use Social Media Securely?

How to Use Social Media Securely?

Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others are the ones that have become an inevitable part of our life. These platforms  are quite handy to stay connected with people that have been a part of your lives in the past or to broaden the social circle. But, social media websites should be used with great diligence, in order to stay safe and secure. Here are some of the tips that should be followed by all the social media users.


Know the reason why privacy and security settings exist in the social media. Learn about the ways these privacy and security settings can help you to keep your privacy intact. These security and privacy settings are there to make your life simple and safe. Keeping tight protection on your social media profile can keep you away from a number of threats.

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Once you have posted something on the social media, it will stay forever. This is a fact of which many computer users are unaware or they ignore. Even if you take it down on your own, it is still present in their database. It surely imposes the risk of getting your photo or some event getting leaked and it can be troublesome or embarrassing for you. So, think at least twice before uploading something on the social media. You will definitely not want to get your some silly pictures or anything to stay online forever. Or you might never wish your kids or future employers to see some kind of a silly post on your social media. Thus, be careful.


Your social media profile reflects your personality. Researches have revealed that people with decent social media profiles are preferred for employment and for other relationships. As per recruiters, social media is a great platform for people to market themselves and present themselves as a decent brand.

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Do not public your personal information. Your personal information is meant to be kept personal. The world of social media is not the safest place to be in. There are criminals living in that world as hell. You will never want to share your personal information to a criminal of the real world, would you? Similarly, there are hackers on social media and they can easily access your personal information and use it to steal your online identity that can lead you towards a number of frauds.


Keep your social media apps locked on your smartphone. People usually have their social media accounts logged in and have no measure to secure them. If anyone gets the hold of their smartphone, he or she can easily get into their social media accounts and it can be quite devastating. To serve the purpose of security, use an App Lock that can keep all your social media apps locked and protected.


Know who is in your friend’s list or who is able to see your posts. Manage your friend’s list on Facebook, make sure that you do not have strangers in it. If you have some unknown profiles in your friend’s list, there is a fair possibility that your account has been hacked. Be critical about what your friends are posting on your profile, if there is something that can be damaging to you in the future, express it and ask them to remove it.