LG Lancet is a low-cost Windows Phone

The Lancet doesn't aspire to be much and that's just fine. LG crafted a simple, straight-forward phone that breaks a bit with the designs the Korean company uses for its high-end and specialty handsets. meizu m1 note review The Lancet is a black-and-blue block with clean lines and conservative styling. There's nothing about it that stands out as unique other than, perhaps, its size.

Compact handsets are a rare breed these days. The bulk of phones have screens measuring 5 inches or more, which make for large footprints. The Lancet has a 4.5-inch screen and this let LG keep the phone's dimensions in check. The Lancet is significantly smaller than many of today's most popular phones, which should make it appealing to those who prefer something that can easily be managed in a single hand.

The front and back halves of the phone have juxtaposed materials, something we see quite often on today's smartphones. The front is all glossy and reflective, while the back is matte and muted. The glass surface of the front almost blends seamlessly into a black plastic rim holding it in place. The glossy and matte surfaces meet along the side edges and form a contrasting seam.