Infineon FZ2400R12KF4 IGBT Semiconductor

Go to now and get your own FZ2400R12KF4. Upgrade your solar panel and let your home receive an environmentally-friendly source of energy.


FZ2400R12KF4 is the IGBT semiconductor you need to let your home’s solar panel evolve. With this Infineon IGBT transistor module, your solar converters will never be the same again.


FZ2400R12KF4 is a 190-mm single switch that weighs around 8 lbs. and can give your solar power the energy of up to 1200V. This boost of power is more than enough to take solar panels to the next level.


Infineon FZ2400R12KF4 guarantees high efficiency and reliability due to its robust module construction. With the ability to make solar panels achieve optimum performance and sustain this power for as long as five years, your investment is totally worth it. UL recognized, this semiconductor IGBT transistor module is 100% safe to use on your solar panels.