What is a Seasonal Photographer?

Have you heard of seasonal photographers? They are freelance photographers taking photos depending on the season: whether summer, spring, fall or winter. Spring and summer are the best seasons for them because there are plenty of functions especially weddings where they get employed.


Seasonal or holiday photographers are usually photo hobbyists who later on became a part-time or freelance photographer.  Most of these photographers are on-call basis. A number of professional wedding photographers are part-time photographers given that they only work when called to cover weddings in spring and summer.

If you are planning to become a seasonal photographer, you should think again before coming up with a decision. There are things that you must consider or weigh in.


As a seasonal photographer, cash flow for the half of the year would surely be slow if not zero. For that reason, you should take into account having a budget income for your year expenses. You can even examine and document your monthly bills like house rent, car mortgage, office rent, electricity, water, weekly groceries for you to have a monthly breakdown of your expense.


From there, you could start to make a monthly spending budget in which you could quickly alter depending on the funds.  Control your expenditures and steer clear of using credit cards. Find also other sources of income.


Since for almost half a year or less that you would be relaxing, try to think and produce a “ to do list” that can help you develop or create opportunities. Try to do fruitful activities like attending photography training seminars to greatly enhance your skills or do some researching on photography to gain more knowledge on the current trend in photography.


Make the most of your free time to scrutinize, check and calibrate all your equipment together with its accessories so you can be sure they are in good working condition. By doing so, you wouldn’t need to check your devices during work and you can focus more on your project.