Travel and feedback is excellent

Travel and feedback is excellent. I am bummed to report there is no dedicated camera button.
The headphone jack is on the top edge and the USB port is on the bottom.
Removing the rear shell is a bit of a pain. Since it wraps meizu mx3 around to the front surface of the phone, it takes some effort to pry loose. You have to pull out the battery if you want to change SIM cards or add a memory card. Some people prefer to own phones with changeable batteries and memory cards; the 735 checks both boxes.The Lumia 735 from Microsoft is a solid mid-range handset.
Build quality is about where it should be for this class of phone. A single plastic shell forms every surface but the actual display, which means there are no seams along the back or side surfaces. The shell joins the edges of the display tightly and it feels good. I think Microsoft/Nokia have delivered polycarbonate phones in the past that come across as stronger, but the 735 doesn't feel chintzy, cheap, or weak.
Lumia phones often have thick bezels surrounding the display, and the 735 shares that same characteristic. There's a slit cut into the glass above the screen for the earpiece speaker and the user-facing camera is plainly visible next to it.The 735 uses on-screen buttons, so there are no hardware keys below the display.Microsoft and Verizon's logos are just barely visible in the glass.The 735 has only two physical buttons and they are both on the right edge.The screen lock key is positioned in the middle and the volume toggle is above it.They both have a glossy black finish that lets them stand out just a little bit visually from the surrounding matte gray. Finding them with your thumb is a breeze, as they have excellent profiles.