How to pick high quality locks?

I don’t use key often, so that I previously was locked out. Later, when I go home with small partners, junior partner broke the key in lock and repair locks master from window and door accessories suppliers china also said he was helpless. So, I think, a good lock is a very important thing.


So how to pick high quality locks for our house? Locks enterprises show a high degree of market concentration, for the long-term development of China's lock industry is a good sign for the development of our locks have good role in promoting. So in recent years, China's brand lock industry is also playing loud. What specific brand locks better, between each other, what difference does it make? Yong Feng locks, for example, door hardware wholesale China specializes in hardware industry a decade with quality assurance and reliable. Yong Feng Hardware features are durable, cost-effective, good service. Mentioned tricyclic door, I tell you a story. It is said that sales in bin Laden's arrest terrorists, because door open, so forced over the wall into the room. Why? Because bin Laden used tricyclic door! Maybe it's just a joke, or legend, but the reputation of tricyclic door so fired, tricyclic locks in China also have a "China Lock King" in the world.


Of course, hardware is not only the products of locks. For example, float glass supplier China can say that they are hardware supplier, too.