Flattering Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Girls

Your bridesmaids come in all sizes and shapes. Some of the girls may look like models and others may be slim or full figure. As a result, you need to find one that is appropriate for everyone. Visit the bridal salon or website by yourself and see what advice the professionals can offer. You do not want anyone embarrassed to wear the dress you select.

One easy and quick answer is to choose the color and fabric and let the girls select the dress that best fits their shapes. Many shops offer different styles of dresses in the same color. Alternatively, you may want to select two complementary colors - one for the bridesmaids and another for the maid or matron of honor.

If you have one friend who is especially difficult to fit, let her try on dresses to see what makes her comfortable. Or try to buy a custom made bridesmaid dress. Many online shops have this service, just give them your size, they can do the dress according to your body shape. If you are unable to find her size in the dress the others are wearing, it may be time to approach a dressmaker who might be able to fashion a similar dress for this good friend. A good seamstress will be able to adjust the style - maybe widening the straps or raising the neckline - so that your friend is truly comfortable in her dress.

When you have to select one style for your bridesmaids - go with an A-line dress. With its seamless waist and slight flare from the hips, an A-line dress looks the best on everyone. (Empire style is also a great choice.) Maybe your bridesmaids can choose the neckline - either a scoop neckline or a jewel neckline. One may want cap sleeves and another sleeveless. You might also decide to let every girl find the A-line dress they want, as long as it is in your color palette. Your bridesmaids will feel better about themselves and will carry themselves proudly as a result.

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