Discover as well as Catch Those Pesky Fish with a Garmin 240 Fish Finder

Garmin 240 Fish Finder Depthfinder with Transducer - a review

The lakes that I usually fish are deep and also quite rocky, as well as I have actually been pleased with the efficiency of the Garmin 240 Fish Finder, which provides a clear image of what lies below. The graphic of all-time low reveals great information, as well as if it is revealing fish presence then you could assure they will exist. It does an excellent work of indicating non-fishlines. It goes to its best when executing in deep water, however possibly isn't as impressive in shallow water.

The Depth Control feature works well in continuouslying monitor modifications in water depth instantly while the Whiteline function determins bottom hardness well. The screen is very easy to read, even in the dark when the backlight enters its own. You could view the commands quickly.

The Garmin 240 Fish Finder is stuffed packed with features for much less money than my aged Lowrance, while the attributes are quickly suitable.".


The 240-by-240 pixel high-definition display offers you a clear picture of fish, thermoclines, structure and also bottom surface area. Using numerous tones of gray, the Fishfinder 240 paints a beautiful photo, leaving little to interpretation.

Functional attributes consist of a special control bar that identifies the most generally used angling settings. Without searching through complicated menus, you could rapidly set up and save the setups you desire. As lake disorders change, you can penalized- tune your Fishfinder 240 on the fly.

Garmin's design advantage includes See-ThruTM technology, a Garmin special. This permits the Garmin 240 Fish Finder to listen to both weak and strong signals simultaneously so you to determine fish returns under the toughest disorders: suspended in thermoclines or even hiding near structure.

Another exclusive feature is Depth Controlled Gain (DCGTM), which automatically readjusts fishfinder sensitivity baseding on deepness, not reflect intensity like various other fishfinders. The result is a much more thorough as well as exact picture of bottom framework.

And we've usually listened to tales about individuals which have found a great fishing area someday, just to be not able to discover it once more the next day. With the Garmin 240 Fish Finder that's never ever a problem once more.

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