Guys: Reasons Why Your Girl Dumps You For Other Guys

1. Being too Authoritative: most guys as so authoritative. The moment you accept their proposal, they will begin to act like a God over your life. Some will go as far as sizing your phone, buying you new sim card and forcing you to break the old one and begin using the new one they bought, screaming like a dying goat if they call you by 8pm and the background is noisy. Such attitude pisses girls off and may make her reconsider other toasters proposals. 2. Asking for se.x too early: most guys think that because you’ve accepted their proposal you’ve automatically become their s.ex machine. They’ll begin touching you everywhere at every chance they get. If you mistakenly visit them in their house, you’re on your own. Guys should understand that creating an atmosphere that would make the girl comfortable is the only way to win her heart, not acting like a he goat at every opportunity you get. 3. Initiating se.x chat all the time: 99% of guys are guilty of this. You exchange number with them, they add you on BBM or whatsapp, the next thing you’ll here is send me a hot pic of yourself, snap your boobs let me see how it looks like, how does your waist look like? what’s your best Position, do you suck dic*k and all that. Haba all girls are not porn stars, and that attitude would just tell the girl that you’re only interested in her body. 4. The beggar: Its true that some girls rely on guys for almost every material thing in her life, guys are also guilty of the same. Some guys will beg and beg and beg, no shame, I have a coursemate like that, her guy uses her phone to make calls, comes to her lodge to eat, collects her food stuffs and worse of all is that he isn’t even faithful to the girl. Guys like that are worse than mosquitoes and can make any girl feel irritated. 5. Abusiveness: Most guys act as if they’re professional boxers, they’ll slap, punch, kick, and beat you to a pulp at every slight misunderstanding you have. In fact, if you visit them for a week, you’ll look like someone that survived an accident between your okada and a dangote trailer. Guys you people need to stop this attitude. Any guy that lays his hands on a girl regardless of what she did doesn’t deserve the love and care of any woman. 6. Unfaithfulness: Men are polygamous in nature, but its so irritating when you introduce you guy to your friends and in less than a week he has slept with all of them. He even goes as far as asking your siblings, cousins and female members of your family out. Its so annoying. You cannot even leave him for 5minutes alone with a female without him misbehaving. Most girls get turned off by this attitude and begin to consider other options. 7. Comparing you to their ex: Believe me no girl loves this. Most guys behave like kids, they compare everything you do with the way their ex used to do it. From your cooking, to your dressing, even the way you talk. Please just allow the girl express herself. Trying to force a girl to become what she’s not will get her frustrated and as a result she could begin to look elsewhere. 8. Refusing to get matured: We have many guys in their early, mid and late 30s but their characters are like that of teenagers. You say hello to a friend on the road, problem, if you smile while saying hello, they’ll say both of you have something in common if not why did you smile, if you give him a peck, that one is another problem. If they take you out, they’ll expect you to remain silent like a monument not reply greetings and talking to anyone till you come back home. One word for you, grow up!