The Haier HUM013EA Is Why They Say “Great Things Come In Little Packages”

The Haier HUM013EA is a great little freezer that takes up very little space. It is perfect if you want an additional freezer in an entertainment room or basement. It’s a great little compliment to people who have small refrigerators already and just need a little extra space to hold frozen foods used often. The inside dimensions measure 15” wide by 15” high. The bottom shelf is only 7” deep because room had to be sacrificed for the compressor, but the top shelf is 12” deep. There is no storage on the freezer door. The door can be reversed to accommodate right or left handed individuals. Your flexibility increases also because there is a 6 ft. power cord. It can store 45 pounds of food! That is definitely enough room for frozen breakfasts or snacks. I have had so many of my friends ask me where I got this. This little deep freeze uses 272 kwh/year according to the energy guide. My kids loved it when I filled this with popsicles on hot summer days.

This is great for use in college dorms or offices. My daughter was the envy of her dorm because she had frozen snacks at her fingertips! There is an adjustable thermostat control so you can decide whether you want rock hard ice cream or not! Since the freezer weighs only 55 lbs., it is fairly portable so you can even bring it to the kitchen sink to make it easier to drain during defrost. It should be only necessary to defrost the unit a couple times a year. It is a great idea for camping if you have access to a 110 voltage converter. Unfortunately the unit has no light. Because it is so small inside, it probably isn’t a huge problem. Just make sure you place the unit in a will lit area. Because of the popularity of this unit in offices and dorms, it would have been nice to have a lock but that is not an available feature.


All in all, the Haier HUM013EA is a great little freezer. It provides just enough space to give you the opportunity to store lunch or breakfast for work or school. Maybe you could even store popsicles and ice cream in there during the summer months to keep the kids from opening the large freezer all the time. I don’t go many places for any amount of time without this portable little wonder.