Are you fond of coffee? Most of us are, why? Because, when it comes to health and proper body functioning coffee plays a bigger role, but do we really get the best of it? Maybe or maybe not depending on your coffee maker. There are several in the market at different prices and designs, but Bonavita BV1800TH proves to be quite exceptional. Made in Germany, it works best compared to other coffee makers in the market with the same price. It is a coffee maker you’ll live to appreciate once you familiarize with its astounding features.

It comes with a 1400 watt water heater that enables the boiling water achieve the required temperature of 200 to 205 degree. It is also easy to clean since its glass lined thermal carafe is made of high-quality durable stainless steel that also keeps the coffee warm for longer periods. Its shower head is designed to achieve optimum extraction and to ensure that a complete saturation is achieved so that you can get all the nutrients in the coffee. If you like coffee at the same time you are time conscious, then this coffee maker will serve you best. With less than 6 minutes of 8-cup coffee brewing, your coffee will be ready. Its water tank is easy to fill and has a wider opening which allows it to free water when the water achieves a temperature of 200 to 205 degrees needed for coffee brewing.


If we were to judge its efficiency base on what its users are saying, then this 8-cup coffee maintains its rank at the top list. The glass-lined stainless steel thermal carafe performs better when it comes to heat control compared to those coffee makers with double walled thermal carafes. It also has a trigger lid which makes it easy to pour with the lid on. The coffee maker is among the few coffee makers certified as a result of its high performance and quality hence reaching the required standards by SCAA. The main drawback of this 8-cup coffee maker is its price which is 247 dollars. This might be too much for some people, but its competitors are even worse. Furthermore, it works better for a coffee maker type. According to customers reviews, it brews faster, durable, easy to clean and performs best compared to other coffee makers its type and with the same price value.

To be able to enjoy the best cup of coffee either in the morning or in the evening hours, you’ll need a coffee maker that performs best. You’ll be looking for something that can provide the standard temperature required for coffee, something that will keep your coffee warmer for a longer period and something that will last long. If you’ve had experience with Bonavita BV1800TH, then we can agree that none of these desired qualities of a coffee maker is mistaken. Don’t look at the price, don’t rush for any coffee maker. Just make the right choice and have the best cup of coffee for a lifetime.