the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 m separate movie cards

   HP still use information on the end of the new range 15, such not only makes the heat conductivity is better, can quickly will the inner warm transmission inside the coveringmeizu m1 note, let the device run more constant, and the information itself is light, make the whole device is light. New range 15 actual with a weight of 2.16 kg, in 15 inches wide items is a less heavy.   Rad store is not design on the left and right ends of the fuselage, but invisible in the end of the display, the fuselage back. Someone may ask, radiator store be display spinning doesmeizu m1 not affect the heat? Don't have to worry about this issue, a new range of 15 warm out of the wind is not invisible it is through the gap on either side of the display and calming out, in the working experience and have not found the issue of warm dissipation is obstructed.
   Obtained the new range is prepared with 15 HP Apple i7 5500 fifth generation primary items u dual-core processer, and prepared with a single 8 gb DDR3 1600 memory, difficult hard drive drive meizu mx4 proin the device is prepared with 1 TB technical difficult hard drive drive, movie cards factors are using the latest NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 m separate movie cards (software for the recognition) and primary design HD 5500 mixtures.