Outdoor little pitch LED screen large-scale landing just about the corner

Together with the outside LED display (EN12966)dot pitch is shrinking and paste technologies applications, screen high-quality is additional real delicate, as well as the colour is far more uniform, clearer show. To additional narrow the distance among the display and the viewer, outside compact spacing goods have emerged.


Outside small pitch is generally beneath 5mm pointing pitch LED show, while the standard dot pitch is now appearing on the market are usually 10mm and 8mm, such as spacing, only in the case of long-range view, will have a clear show impact, typically inflict superior pressure. The outdoor tiny pitch pixel density is quite high, close watch but additionally to ensure clarity from the screen, and the audience to be able to obtain "dialogue", the advertising content material in to the audience acquire proactive.


Outside smaller pitch LED show is vividly known as the "ground gas", to shorten the distance, eliminating the strangeness in the audience around the LED display, the show so that the details dissemination of benefits is often tremendously enhanced, in an effort to extra simply accomplish human-computer interaction, to superior show the creative, user practical experience and acceptance of merchandise might be far better.


Even though outdoor compact spacing apparent positive aspects, but endure from a number of variables, large-scale popularization still should overcome many troubles. Initially, when a smaller pitch, no matter whether outdoors or from the color contrast show impact from the point of view, the positive aspects are self-evident, but all of us know, the greater the amount of the unit square lamp beads used, the corresponding price is greater. As a result, the complete screen with the cost is higher, the value has turn into a troubled LED outdoor smaller pitch universal application of a major trouble.


Secondly, little outdoor LED(variable message sign) show belong to a higher pitch new items and technical requirements. Beads of light high quality, show packaging, waterproof, dustproof performance of higher demand, so some would like to get involved in outdoor fine pitch LED show producers prohibitive.


Outside undoubtedly a tiny pitch having a lucrative and large market, but also has troubled in the expense, social acceptance and technological, outdoor tiny pitch effort required to overcome these troubles, a large-scale landing on the corner.