Travel and feedback are good. The screen lock button is on the right edge of the phone

Travel and feedback are good. The screen lock button is on the right edge of the phone. It, too, has a good profile and pleasing travel and feedback. I wish it were just a bit bigger. The headphone jack is on top and the USB port is on the bottom.
It's quite easy to peel off the rear cover of the phone. buy meizu mx5With the cover off, you can choose to remove the battery, SIM card, or memory card. You have to pull the battery to reach the SIM card slot. The cover itself is rather plain.
The LG Lancet is a fine little phone, all things considered.I wish the Lancet were a hair thinner, but it's hardly chubby at 10.7mm. The side edges are flat, but the back surface has a nice curve to help the phone rest a bit deeper in your palm. I was able to use the phone one-handed while walking down busy Manhattan streets without problem. It should easily fit into most pockets.
LG did well with the materials. It's certainly not flagship quality, but the Lancet never feels cheap. The plastics are solid and have pleasing textures. I don't think you can ask for much better from a device in the Lancet's price range.On the phone's face you'll clearly see the LG and Verizon logos, which are silver-colored and reflective.The user-facing camera is visible, as is the notch carved into the glass for the earpiece speaker.There are no buttons on the front, leaving the glass smooth and unbroken.The plastic frame around the glass creates a small ridge that is barely noticeable.Button and port placement follow industry norms.The volume toggle is on the left edge.It's a large, flat button and its profile makes it hard to miss.