IGBT Basics - Infineon Technology FZ1200R12KE3 Best IGBT Inverter Circuits for UPS

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FZ1200R12KE3 is the IGBT transistor module made by Infineon Technologies AG (formerly Eupec). It’s one of best solution to increase the power level of your UPS. This IGBT transistor module has a high switching power feature to attain optimum electric performance. With the ability to generate power of up to 1200V or 1200A and a weight of only 6.61 lbs., the performance of different applications like your UPS will surely improve.


FZ1200R12KE3 has an excellent power rating that guarantees high power density and conversion efficiency to UPS. It has a powerful module construction that stays durable for many years unlike ordinary semiconductors. UL recognized, FZ1200R12KE3 is also completely safe to use. No more worries about semiconductor explosion which can cause injury!


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Eupec FZ1200R12KE3

Eupec Infineon FZ1200R12KE3

Infineon FZ1200R12KE3