Know The Ultimate Secret Of Adventure Travel

Know The Ultimate Secret Of Adventure Travel

Adventure involves exploration. In the process, you should learn more about the world around you and more about yourself and what you’re capable of. Travel provides so many opportunities for adventure, from the expectation of boarding a plane bound for a new destination to mixing with strangers from other cultures and attempting to communicate in another language. It allows you to experience unusual practices, volunteer with disadvantaged communities and witness incredible spectacles.


ADVENTUROUS TRAVELS provides all the information about some of the exciting places you can rarely find any details about those destinations. You will have your own unique vacation experience through us. We are best-placed to offer advice, answer questions and select only the options that best suit your needs.


Grab your gear and head into the wilderness which is even skipped by National Geographic! On our active adventures, you'll trek through some of the world's most legendary mountain ranges; go hiking amid icebergs and calving glaciers; and veer far off the beaten path, discover wild and stunning landscapes and forgotten places. Get to know fascinating cultures firsthand; from the Berbers of Morocco who welcome you into their lives to the Nepalese villagers you'll visit on your hikes. Take a look at the unique, active itineraries below that combine spectacular places, cultural interaction, and physical challenge: the perfect mix for an unforgettable Adventure Travel.


The New Year always arrives with a rush of excitement, bringing plenty of hope and promise along with it. That is especially true for adventure travelers, who are always on the lookout for exciting new destinations and experiences for their next journey. While the tried and true classics like Paris and Rome will always be there, it is the emerging destinations that are more likely to draw our attention. In 2015, we’ll see a number of these destinations rise to prominence. Here are ten of them to keep your eye on. They are Croatia, Myanmar, Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Albania, the Amazon region, Montenegro, Jordan, Cambodia and Peru.


Adventure travel can be found just about anywhere, but the effects are most profound when you step entirely out of your comfort zone. What better way to leave your comfort zone than actually leaving your state—or country for that matter. Get more travel information on my face book page @