Raw material of hardware products

We all know hardware was made by various materials. However, have you ever wonder which kind of raw material window and door accessories suppliers china used in the locks when you use your key to lock your lock? Now we can have a view at the raw material of hardware products.


Traditional architectural hardware is mainly in metal for raw materials, such as ordinary carbon steel cold-rolled steel, cold drawn low carbon steel wire, a variety of copper, aluminum, light metal alloys and malleable iron. Surface treatment materials are copper, nickel, chromium, and silver. In recent years, the development of a variety of non-metallic materials of hardware from door hardware wholesale China is blossom, such as ceramics, glass, rubber and plastics, particularly the use of polyamide, polypropylene and other engineering plastics various plastic hardware, such as toilet hardware and plumbing hardware. These plastics not only high quality, shape, color appearance, good decorative effect, and high production efficiency, low cost, can save a lot of non-ferrous metals, the application has become increasingly widespread.


Of course, you can find the float glass supplier China in hardware industry as they belong to this industry too.