Getting a homeless person off the streets

Getting a homeless person off the streets

The Haven Night Shelter is a welfare organisation who belives in getting the homeless persons off the streets and in a shelter and motivating and helping them to get back home to their family and community. 

The Haven Night Shelter was established in 1978 in Cape Town, South Africa. The Haven Night Shelter was registered as Section 21 (a) (Not for Gain) Public Company in 1983. The Haven Night Shelter has been recognised as an Non-Profit Organisation in 2000 and as a Public Benefit Organisation in 2004.

The Haven Night Shelter Welfare Organisation provides a temporary shelter, physical care, social welfare and family re-unification services to adult homeless persons in the Western Cape.

Our mission is to get the homeless to a home.

We always welcome volunteers to come into our shelter and help out with various aspects that the Haven have dealing with on a daily basis, even it means helping with the preparations of lunch or simply lending a helping hand with the social worker.

The Haven Night Shelter has a history of welcoming people inside all because our Motto has taught us a lot of things, we are all human no matter of the next one has an odour but we are all created the same so why should the homeless be treated differently than a normal person in the street.

The Haven Night Shelter vision is to make ensure that no-one is forced to live on the streets for survival. We the Haven want to help get those homeless persons back to a home, family or community. Being homeless means a lot more than not having a roof over your head. Our experience at the Haven has taught us homelessness is not characterised by:

·         Being separated from your family, friends, community and even those who care about you.

·         Losing the connection you have with your community or society.

·         The perception you are getting when you do not have access to basic human rights such as your water, electricity, medical treatment, etc.

·         Losing your dignity and self-esteem as well as self-respect.

You can become homeless through many events in your life, death of a child, parent or spouse, loss of employment, loss of their home, no income, etc.