Infineon FZ800R17KF6C_B2 IGBT Power Module Inverter for Welder

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FZ800R17KF6C_B2 is an excellent solution to take your welding machine to a whole new level. One of the amazing Infineon IGBT Modules, FZ800R17KF6C_B2 is an IGBT power transistor module that may only weigh 2 lbs., but has the ability to produce 1700V of energy, more than enough power to boost the performance of welding machines.


FZ800R17KF6C_B2 is armed with unique features which cannot be found on typical semiconductors. To ensure high current rating, Infineon equipped this IGBT inverter for welder that has a low VCE and low drive power. Its performance is amplified with a super-fast recovery ability, to ascertain that the energy it produces will not deteriorate right away.


FZ800R17KF6C_B2 has a free-wheel diode to eliminate flyback. It has high frequency operation, an isolated baseplate and heat sinking component to give welding machines the best power supply ever.