Similarity of Attack on Titan with Naruto

Similarity of Attack on Titan with Naruto
Let’s discuss a method to bring storm to Anime’s World


Since this is what was done by these 2 animes. Two really simple topics were featured and 8+ rating (as per imdb), was earned by adding epic music in the background.


I really do not want to get into explaining the extent to which I hated Naruto getting commercialized. I just wish that same didn’t happen to Attack on Titan, however you’ll find me really furious over the subject but the only reason for this is that I am an absolute van of both the animes.


I am quite sure that it is not only me who considers the Naruto and Attack on Titan very similar to each other. And here I am not mentioning the storyline and art. It is the characters in both the animes that are similar. Characters are stereotype overloaded in both the animes that makes the central character match. Let take a look at them:


Eren and Naruto


It is the most striking example as both the characters having nothing special. Both the characters started from weakest points in their life and eventually turned into stronger people. What I am trying to say is that both the characters do not possess any special powers and became successful through sheer hard work, motivation and effort.


Both the characters went through a major emotional drama in their early childhood, as Naruto was loathed by everyone while Eren saw his mother eaten alive. Both of them also have a monster residing in their bodies.


Mikasa and Sasuke


Both of these characters are total opposite to main characters as they were born with special abilities and didn’t need to work diligently to achieve any goals. These characters had skills, abilities, will power, techniques and brain to become a legend. Both Mikasa and Sasuke lost parents when they were child and set a goal in their lives.


However, after identifying their priorities, both the characters took their own different paths.


Jean and Shikamaru


This is the most striking stereotype as every anime should contain a lazy genius, who is strong and smart but prefer the easy way out. He would prefer staying away from attention and avoid every problem.


But finally, fate is going to test his limits and he’ll emerge as fighter, strategist and exceptional leader. However, a more hard push is required to make him use all his capabilities for good. Shikamaru had his toughest test with his teacher’s death, whose name was Asuma while Jean had his share of tough time with Marco’s death, who was his best friend.


Levi and Kakashi


Both the animes have introduced us to some marvellous characters that are worth remembering. These characters can be divided in 2 groups – the old and young fighter’s generation. We’ve seen the kids learning from mistakes, gaining experience and growing stronger; while adult who are past this age, are either dead or very wise.


However, one adult always stands out in strength, wisdom, looks, brains and experience. Levi and Kakashi can be seen as example, as both these characters have all the features to win a great number of fans.


The past of this character is not completely revealed throughout the anime to keep an interesting mystery alive, around him. He would have some weird habit to make him more appealing; like Levi’s germaphobia and Kakashi’s interest in porn literature. Many thanks to AnimeSays for info.