Now whats important?

I happened to be talking to my local politician before Christmas just because a site on depression, was about to lose money for its essential 24-hour service forums consequently of failure by the Australian government to invest in its programs.

So I pinged the pollies and Bill, my local politician, wished to chat. The one illuminating part of our 45-minute conversation was that it was very hard (for politicians) to determine what other health programs ought to be cut as a way to raise funding for mental health as a result of myriad vested interests.

Seeing news stories around the world and home I see similar issues arising. It's significantly reminiscent of the Yes Minister dilemmas that Sir Humphrey Appleby would set to his employer, thereby stymieing each time to him.

Just last week in South Australia a similar furore erupted. There, the federal government was courageous (or hassled) enough to mention increased mental health funding. The opposition was similarly mean enough to desire to know what (more highly-valued) overall health programs were to be sacrificed for the increase. For fresh information, please take a look at: chat. See the statement here: