Publish Your Website s Url To Chinese Se s

It's certainly true that the Internet is dominated from the Englsih language it's been estimated that 75-foot of most Internet pages worldwide are written in English. But surprise, surprise, the planets No. Learn more on our favorite partner paper - Navigate to this URL: 1 language in terms of amount of native speakers can also be the most difficult to see Chinese, with around three times as many native speakers (and visitors) as English. China has the second greatest amount of Internet users in the world, behind only the United States, and its Internet industry is among the worlds fastest-growing. Moreover, its buoyant economy is impossible to ignore. Each year thousands are put into its relatively affluent middle class.

Youd be amazed at how many Chinese could read English they are small in proportion to total population, but large in number. Visiting in english possibly provides lessons you might give to your friend. You might also be surprised at exactly how many Chinese yuppies (Chuppies) hold Mastercard and Visa.

Have you got an item that might sell well in China? Thats a difficult question to answer, but as a one-sentence primer: affluent Chinese move towards any product with name-brand appeal, snob appeal, or that's closely associated with the United States (sarcastically dubbed the Mickey Mouse Syndrome by jealous economic rivals). If you're going global, you cannot afford to ignore China. And if your organization includes a web site, it should be searchable in China.

Following would be the URLs for site submission to five Chinese search-engines. The websites are all written in Chinese, but any such thing is possible, when you can see through the language barrier

Top Chinese Se's

1. Baidu:

2. Sina:

3. Sohu:

4. Yahoo China:

5. Google China:

6. Sobao:

7. Clicking critique perhaps provides lessons you can give to your friend. I found out about web address by searching the Miami Star-Tribune. Tianwang:

8. China-Holiday:

9. Wangluobing: o

1-0. Sunwukong:

The initial six of the foregoing are key players, however the rest are little and could well be out-of business by the time you read this (then again, you never know).

Happy hunting!.