InvestorX and Benefits of Using the Platform

InvestorX and Benefits of Using the Platform

It is important for any investor to make sound investment decisions in order to effectively realize positive returns. Access to reliable, timely and accurate information is essential for investors because it is this information that facilitates sound decision making. In the past, Canadian investors faced a myriad of challenges especially when trying to search and analyze public disclosure information. However, this is no longer the case because thanks to technology, InvestorX has simplified the entire process of accessing SEC Filing Canada, SEC Mutual Fund Filings (SEDAR Filings) in a timely and efficient manner.


InvestorX has revolutionized the entire process of obtaining and analyzingPublic Companies Filingsand Mutual Funds Filingsusing top notch and user friendly interfaces. Using InvestorX, Canadian investors can now make better informed decisions based on accurate information. This platform has incorporated modern system architecture capabilities to make easier for investors to conveniently search for information on SEDAR. Facilities such as a single box search field, spelling correction, ability to define alerts for new filings and provision of basic company informationwork together to make InvestorX,a useful platform for Canadian investors.


InvestorX system is a robust online platform that incorporates highly effective search algorithms to ensure that investors, c-suite executives, advisors and the entire capital market industry players enjoy using a facility that responds to today’s mobile and internet expectations.


If you have been investing for some time now, you will agree that accessing information about Public Companies Filings and Mutual Funds Filings was not aseasy. However, with InvestorX, it is possible for investors or portfolio managers to set up an alert and receive timely feedback whenever there are new SEDAR Filings filed via the SEDAR database. This user intuitive, rich document search platform is not only for individual investors but also benefits portfolio management companies in need of a reliable system of availing information on new filings.


How Does a User benefits from accessingCanadian Public Companies Information or Canadian Mutual Fund Information via InvestorX?


InvestorX is compatible with all major browsers as well as mobile platforms such as Windows, Blackberry, Android and iPhones. The system has also been optimized to ensure that users can access key information from PDF documents.


Thanks to InvestorX, users save a lot of time considering the fact that information can be accessed anywhere and at anytime using various gadgets. InvestorX has become a great research tool and source for information for Canada’s investment industry – for more than 40,000 professional employees and over six million investors.


Creators of the site are themselves investors, and this has facilitated the design of a versatile platform that is truly easy to use and promotes awareness and disclosure of SEDAR Filings. Users now have access to information contained in these documents and able to display it using different formats and devices.