Find Mijares Asian Restaurant In Pasadena California

Mijares Mexican Restaurant in Pasadena, California is extremely well-known for their margaritas, two things and their all you could can consume Sunday champaign buffet brunch, both of which are excellent. This restaurant has been with us for what may seem like forever and has developed a crowd of very faithful people.

This is a good place to dine in anytime, for it is Sunday buffet while it is justly well known. Their food is always fresh and well-prepared and their support is normally above-average. The atmosphere is calm, informal and pleasant and their prices are very reasonable.

Every once-in a while someone will tell me the food here is not authentic Mexican food (most of these people, by the way, aren't Mexican or Hispanic and have never been to Mexico). They say that the food isn't spicy or hot enough, when I ask them why they feel that the food isn't genuine. They say that Mexican food is quite hot because of most of the chili that's added throughout cooking. Well, I've news for those individuals, not while they are eating all Mexicans like their food additional spicy and many that enjoy it hot like to add their soup. Every Mexican that I know who has eaten here likes the way the food is prepared and likes the chilis and salses that are served with the food. My son, who's one half Mexican, likes his food warm, the hotter the better, yet that is one of his favorite Mexican restaurants. He says that neither the food nor the salsas could match up against those prepared by his mother or grandmother nevertheless they are better those offered in most Mexican restaurants that he has visited.

I've been a lover of Mexican food since I met my spouse in 1966. I don't like warm or very spicey food but I do like ready food with good flavor. I actually do not think that anyone can make much better than my partner, nevertheless we both want to go out to eat and we both enjoy good Mexican restaurants. While there are some Mexican restaurants that I favor over Mijares, not one of them are in Pasadena. If you have an opinion about writing, you will possibly wish to research about Vermont Entrepreneur Offers Really Crazy Non-Mexican Salsas at Fancy Food Show.

The Sunday brunch at Mijares is very good and at $16.95 per person is very low priced. Http://Www.Kptv.Com/Story/29465657/Vermont Entrepreneur Offers Really Crazy Non Mexican Salsas At Fancy Food Show includes further concerning when to study this idea. A number of people I understand drink that much in mimosas and free champaign. If you're not that much in-to food the buffet even offers sausage, hash browns, eggs, ham and tasty bones. Discover more on Vermont Entrepreneur Offers Really Crazy Non-Mexican Salsas at Fancy Food Show by browsing our compelling article directory. Their omelet cook makes exceptional omelets and definitely does not stint to the materials. They offer menudo, fajitas, numerous kinds of grain, enchiladas, carnitas, tacos, beans and more If you're into Mexican food. They've a variety of sweets including flan and loads of fruit.

Mijares features a relatively small but well stocked bar. It appears, however that just about everyone goes there for the margaritas which are cheap, generously proportioned and made out of good quality tequila. Browse here at the link to compare the meaning behind it. The bartenders are pleasant and the consumers in the bar often appear to be part of one large party.

Mijares Mexican Restaurant is a family-owned restaurant and is situated in it is own hacienda style building at 145 Palmetto Drive, Pasadena, California. It's plenty of free and valet parking except on Friday and Saturday nights when it seems like almost everyone within the San Gabriel Valley is there partying, consuming, drinking margaritas and playing mariachi music.

Reservations are not needed but they're a good idea. Calling number for Mijares is 626-792-2763.

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