Do Arch Supports Really Work?

Do Arch Supports Really Work?

Arch Support Inserts are a great and inexpensive way to alleviate arch pain. The inserts work to keep all pressure off the arch therefore making it a little bit more comfortable. The inserts are normally cheaper than most shoes with good arch support and provide just as much if not more stability and comfort.
A while back my sister was suffering from really bad arch pain. My sister has been a tour guide for the last five years so she is used to being on her feet all the time. During her stint as a tour guide she developed horrible arch pain that made it hard for her to attend work and enjoy life. She had a regular pair of shoes that did not really offer her any added support and comfort. At the time she had just gotten the shoes so she was not in the market for a new pair. I told her to look into arch inserts as I see a lot of people talking positively about them. She agreed to check them out and the rest is history.
She absolutely loved the arch support inserts! She said she was finally getting the support and stability she desperately needed. She was able to purchase three pairs of inserts for less than one hundred dollars and put a pair of inserts in all her shoes. Since then she has had no problems with her arch thanks to these fabulous inserts.

Arch Support Inserts Are Perfect

Let me rephrase this.. arch support inserts are very valuable. The inserts work to alleviate arch pain no matter what condition is causing it. I have a few friends who all suffer from either one or all of the conditions below"
plantar fasciitis: plantar fasciitis is known to cause horrible heel and arch pain.

  • flat feet: flat feet cause arch pain due to no support.
  • feet pain: people suffering from feet pain tend to experience bad arch pain.
  • heel spur: the heel spur is horribly painful to people worldwide and causes a lot of arch pain.
  • Regardless of the condition your suffering from arch support inserts provide good relief and comfort. These inserts are a great inexpensive fix for arch pain. Although arch inserts are really good at relieving pain and providing support they do have a few cons.
  • temporary fix: arch inserts provide excellent relief but it only lasts for a temporary amount of time.
  • temporary lifespan: the arch inserts are not really supposed to stick around for longer than three months time.

Using arch inserts to help alleviate arch pain is a great idea. However do not expect the inserts to become a permanent fix. Although they provide excellent support and cushioning they will not last for long. That should not really be a problem due to the cost of the inserts. Due to them being very cheap and affordable buying several pairs of inserts should not break the bank. In conclusion if you gave serious chronic arch pain look into purchasing a good pair of arch support inserts and eliminate the pain for good.