"My Reaction About Future Shock"

    My reaction on future shock like millions of people I was profoundly amazed when I was read future shock. I thought about where it goes and pointed a future. Toffler explained the information overload. And now we live in the era of technology. And now we are far from being innocent. And now technology is more high tech than toffler could possibly imagined. But we are not isolated by it. when the information overload us most of people are still wise enough to use the power of the "off" button to gain some peace.


   Each of us has more information in our brains than earlier generations ever dreamed of having and for the most part, We are happy with more information it means more freedom in every sense of the way and that's gives us the ironic freedom of choosing to have less information. Technology may give more information but it also can take away from the values that we need to follow. Toffler is offer cited as one of the most brilliant thinkers and futurist of the last century. Like other brilliant futurist is a cruel judge. Everything toffler looked at was accurate the media and the technology floods have come but humans and the future seem to always have a way of surprising us.


   We find people all over the world who share our interests. We used technology to find people who will support, mentor, teach, advice,and argue with us. We need people online for recommendations on where we can ask information. Yes there are those among us who do feel depressed. But there are always been such people, I see no evidence that the percentage of such people all over the world has been increased. And some of us would take advantage about it and would like to think online peer support. And now we live in the era of the future shock so we must get ready to face it no matter what happened.