High Quality Quartzite Stone As leading Green Material In Home Decor

Quartz stone is mainly composed of quartz, its nice color combination makes it enjoy the natural stone texture and solid surface. Quartz countertops have different colors for option, including gobi series, crystal series, granite series, flash star series, widely used in public buildings such as hotel, restaurant, bank, exhibition, and laboratory, in home decoration like kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity, wall cladding, table top, tea desk top, window sill and door pocket. Quartz stone has no radiation, which is one kind of recycle, environmental, green and new material for home interior decoration.

Characteristics of quartzite stone slabs

  1. Quartz stone is easy to clean, any kind of dirt can be clean out by soap and cleanser.
  2. High dirt-resistance, the top of quartz stone has no pore, so any dirt or liquid can nor enter into it easily, even the smoke train, ink water and stain can be cleaned out.
  3. Good impact resistance. compared with the general stone or polymer material, quartz stone  of solid surface material have higher rupture resistance , complex crack ability is stronger, the tiny scratches can use sand paper to remove
  4. Heat resistance: quartz series of solid surface is one more heat resistant material, but we suggest that the heating vessel can not be directly put on the solid surface, please use the pad
  5. Flame retardant insulation: quartz stone is a kind of flame retardant material
  6. Non-toxic: under normal temperature, quartz stone do not send out any smell
  7. Food standards: quartz stone has passed the toxic experiment, its test results is LD > 100 mg/KG, the conclusion is that the animal experimental results show that the leaching liquid sample for actual non-toxic level, suggesting that quartz stone can contact with food as a regular
  8. Scale by nature: in no porosity of the surface, mold bacteria and other microorganisms can't live
  9. Repairable: serious damage can be polished to repair, quartz solid surface can last for a long life, and can be remade into other new products.
  10. Plasticity: there is no limit to quartz design, you can make it what you like.

All in all, quartz stone now is more and more popular in people’s life decoration. If you want to remodel your home and have no idea to choose the materials, then quartz solid surface may be your awesome option.