The curved shape makes for an awkward profile if the phone is in your pocket with the screen facing outwards

The curved shape makes for an awkward profile if the phone is in your pocket with the screen facing outwards.
The overall quality of the phone is good, but plastic is plastic. The leather rear cover helps boost the appeal of the phone significantly when it's in your hand, and adds a welcome amount of texture. Otherwise, the materials are construction are decent enough, but not in the same league as LG's metal-clad competitors.

The front of the phone is black, no matter which rear cover you select. There's an incredibly slim, chrome-colored rim that encircles the glass. It helps define the edges. Two different plastic shells are available off the shelf (white or gray), as are a handful of leather options. Personally, I am not a fan of the plastic options. The diamond pattern in the plastic is distinctive, but the plastic material drags down the perceived quality. If you can, go with one of the leather panels. Most U.S. carriers are only offering black leather, but there are other shades available online.
Leather gives the G4 a much-needed boost in personality. meizu mx4 Motorola was first to break out the leather with last year's Moto X, but leather is still rare in the world of phones. Leather says "bad-ass" in a way plastic and metal can't. I like the leather covers LG designed. Leather has its own problems, though: It can be gouged and marked up, and it will certainly discolor over time, but those signs of use are what's so appealing about leather. Think about how great a good leather jacket or wallet looks and feels after a year of wear.LG clearly isn't looking to win any awards for the slimmest or sveltest handset.With a 5.5-inch screen, the G4 is tall, wide, and disappointingly thick at 10mm.
It's far bigger than the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6, or One M9.The tapered edges help a lot, but they can only do so much thanks to the general curved shape of the phone.

The phone is bulky enough that those with small hands may find it too big.I found it to be manageable with just one hand, but only barely.You can cram it into your pockets easily enough, but make sure the screen is facing your body.