Safety Tips for Newborn Photographers

Safety Tips for Newborn Photographers


Newborn photography is actually a fun and fascinating type of photography. You'll be enthralled by the charm and innocence of your model - a newborn baby.  Lots of parents today hire a competent newborn photographer to take shots of their baby so newborn photography could be a great business for photographers like you.


The newborn pictures you take are going to be saved by parents ready to show to their kid when he/she gets older. Some of these images will be shown on the living room and bedroom therefore it is significant that they will like the photos you shot.


Taking photographs of newborn is certainly not easy. You can't give directions to the little one so you will have to adjust and know the right way to handle newborns. Safety comes first when taking care of babies specifically in a photo shoot. You have to make sure the baby is comfy and happy.


Here are a couple safety tips to keep in mind when taking photos of a newborn.


1.    Check the blankets and props before using.
The blanket and props that you'll use should be clear of dirt, dust or pointed objects. You don’t want the baby to get hurt so you must check everything before laying the baby on the blanket or any props. Ask also the mom and dad if the baby is sensitive to a specific fabric.


2.    The baby should be full and in deep sleep.
A baby should be fed ahead of the photo shoot so he or she will be in a very good mood and he can sleep well. A hungry baby can’t sleep well and is easily upset thus making it tough to get the shots you want.


3.    The room should be sufficiently warm.
Warmth is important for a newborn so make sure the room for the photo shoot isn't cold. Ensure that it stays warm so the baby will feel at ease.


4.    Have the mom or dad remain at least one foot away from the baby.
There must be someone near the baby while you are taking pictures especially if the pose is a bit difficult. You wouldn’t want to endanger the baby, right? Ensure there is a person near should the baby by accident rolls over or cries.


To make the most out of this newborn photo shoot, it's advisable to take macro shots of the baby’s face and distinct body parts. The parents will be delighted to see these pictures.