Semtex The C and N variations of Semtex
The δC13 and δN15 variations of seized Semtex, assumed to come from different sources, were evaluated using a likelihood ratio (LR) framework [169]. The authors showed that the misleading evidence rate varied depending on the chosen probability distribution and highlighted the necessity to have large stable isotope ratio databases to use this FK866 approach. Lock obtained similar δC13 and δN15 values on a set of 16 Semtex specimens [168]. Table 7 displays the ranges of bulk isotopic values of Semtex reported in the filaments two studies.
Table 7.
Summary of reported results on the bulk isotopic values of Semtex in literature. * indicates δ values estimated from plots.StudyNumber specimensOriginδC13 (‰)δN15 (‰)δO18 (‰)Pierrini et al. [169]26Unknown−36.53 to −24.76−25.68 to −2.72–Lock [168]16Unknown−38.00 to −26.06−22.43 to −4.57+17.10 to +33.05Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV