An Simple Introduction to LS -208 Deoiling rust remover

Degreasing and rust is an acidic degreasing concentrate preparations, by a variety of corrosion inhibitor, surfactant and high performance additives compounded. LS -208 Deoiling rust remover is used to clear the surface of the workpiece, equipment lubricating oil, grease, rust-proof, oil, grease, polishing pastes, abrasive paste, etc, it  is particularly suitable for parts surface residue after stretching or pulling all kinds of oil, LS -208 Deoiling rust remover, oil degreasing in one step, with degreasing thoroughly, cost-effective features, clean the surface.
1, LS -208 Deoiling rust remover range solution was prepared at room temperature or heated to 30 ℃-60 ℃ (high temperature oil the better) after use;
2, pending workpiece immersed in the solution of scrubbing or cleaning metal or rolling 10-20-minute cleaning, spray cleaning or washing machine parts 3 ~5 minutes to be processed, or above in the ultrasonic cleaning device with a good solution is heated to 30 ℃-60 ℃, start the 3-15-minute ultrasonic cleaning equipment, until oil cleaning clean water rinse.
LS -208 Deoiling rust remover is without any harm, as a result of stratification, don't throw out your shake or mix things up; Keep out reach of children don't drink; Sealed, long term.
Main use, LS -208 Deoiling rust remover is handling of paint before painting on the workpiece, the adhesion of the paint on the workpiece more and better. General oil and Rust removal process is combined with phosphate. In addition to oil paint and remover.

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