Buy FZ400R12KE3S Eupec Infineon IGBT Module

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For the right boost of power for all your induction heaters, you need FZ400R12KE3S! This 62-mm single switch semiconductor can release power of up to 1200V or 400A at only 2.2lbs.. Whats more, this Eupec Infineon IGBT module focuses on high speed level switching topologies which optimize switching losses. It can withstand various temperatures, even as high as 150 oC, as it assures as much as 20% of lower switching losses. RoHS compliant and UL recognized, FZ400R12KE3S is guaranteed safe to use. 


This powerful, reliable and cost-efficient Eupec Infineon IGBT module comes at a very reasonable price that can be used with other applications and machineries such as, Motor Drives (AC and DC), Wind converters, Commercial, agriculture and construction vehicles (CAVs), Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and Welding machines.