Montgomery Al -Sports Facility

Montgomery Al -Sports Facility

Cramton Bowl Multiplex : Cramton Bowl is a 25,000 seat stadium which is situated in Montgomery, Al. Cramton Bowl started out in 1922 as a baseball ground. It has been home to Major League Baseball spring training and minor league baseball. Nowadays, however, its main use is for American football.

With the remodelling of the Cramton Bowl, the Multiplex will make the Stream Area a key player for hosting your next sports event. Along with the recently remodeled Cramton Bowl, a new inside sports service has been constructed close to the ground. The 20,000 square feet bottom floor is level with Cramton Bowl and houses two football dressing rooms along with two locker rooms.

The main floor is 57,600 sq ft with sitting appropriately for various activities. It can provide basketball, tennis, indoor football, volleyball and wrestling. Space for events will be tremendous.


Emory Folmar YMCA Soccer Complex : With the remodelling of the Emory Folmar YMCA Soccer Complex, the new features will make the Stream Area a key player for hosting your next soccer competition.


This state of the art facility started out in May 2012 and was the house to the NAIA Men's National Championship. The facility contains the following:

8 Complete Dimension Areas (Lighted)

2 Stadium Fields (Seating for 4000)

State of the Art Amenities


In brief, Cramton Bowl Multiplex and Emory Folmar YMCA Soccer Complex are the two best places where Alabama sports facility has been provided in Montgomery Al.


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