Tensile Fabric Strcutures Company

Tensile Fabric - Learning what each material criteria and specification definitions and details will provide clients a glimpse of what type of material to use and helps them with their decision making after the design is laid out for their review. Below are some of the major criteria we follow in classifying each fabric material type in tensile fabric structure. Lifespan : This may be the primary point to consider when looking for a fabric material to be used on a fabric roof system. Every client needs to have the most durable fabric that will last for years and years. PVC Coated Polyester, PVC Coated Glass Fibre, PTFE Teflon Coated Glass/PTFE Open Mesh Fabric, Uncoated PTFE Fibre, Silicon Coated Glass, ETFE Foil and Tenara are among the fabric types that last for about 20 to 35 years and even longer given proper cleaning and maintenance.