Chinese garment industry trends

With coming of pluralism, personalized consumer era, it continues to impact even subvert the clothing brand's commercial activities and management. For China jackets supplier, industry experts generally agreed that the development of the apparel industry to achieve the transformation right time.


China is the world's largest consumer of clothing, the largest garment manufacturer, and exporter. And the pursuit of large-scale, low cost of different traditional clothing production, clothing as one of the symbols that best highlight the individual personality, is creating a new market with new formats replace speed --- characterized by fast fashion. You can buy fashionable and cheap windbreakers in all kinds of market. Behind fast fashion, it is around the "small quantity and variety, fast delivery," the production of innovative organizational model. Inevitably, the apparel industry also needs to adapt to dramatic changes in consumer demand reorientation, concomitant production of flexible, lean trend.


Meanwhile, in China softshell jackets wholesale online, we should focus on the main stream in Chinese garment and find the cool way to fight with our garment industry.