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What I noticed while participating o-n several key Runescape boards is that there's an undeclared cold war between Runescape fan sites. While it is fairly clear, it still saddens me a great deal. To learn additional info, please consider checking out: http://www.foursquare.com/rolandfrasier/ critique.

The world gets more open every-day, limitations bet...

Can you visit Runescape associated boards and sites often? Can you head to just one site or several? What about commitment to a particular fan site? Is it a good thing? I do believe not, at least not at the degree it is done in these days. I discovered per your request by browsing the Internet.

What I noticed while participating on many key Runescape boards is the fact that there's an undeclared cold war between Runescape fan internet sites. Read is a staggering online library for further about the reason for it. While it's fairly clear, it still saddens me a great deal.

The world gets more open each day, boundaries between cultures and countries get removed, free and open software and ser-vices are every where, but we keep and keep building walls and new boundaries. As a manager of the smaller Runescape lover site (Runewise) I can see these walls very clearly. If you don't trust me, go ahead and make an effort to get any type of alliance with a more impressive site! Typically you wont even get a polite refusal only quiet emptiness. Well, I am a big boy and could cope with it. But still another aspect of this war is Runescape knowledge being hidden and scattered. There are a lot of interesting articles, websites, books, threads, matters out there behind those walls.

I cant help with boundaries, but at the very least I could point Runescape participants to most interesting products available regardless on which fan site or blog they are based. That's it. If you think anything, you will perhaps claim to learn about vimeo.com/96843136. My mission statement there

Therefore, here I am with my Runescape information location sites.

This is actually the older one I maintain at Runewise: http://www.runewise.net/rs/rdigest.php

And the newest addition for regular bloggers at Blogspot: http://runescapereader.blogspot.com/

Welcome! And in the event that you would like to point me to an appealing Runescape relevant supply, by all means, please, let me know!

Let us make the Runescape world slightly more open!.