Player Profile: Andy Bloch

And there is no-one to top when it comes to multi-tasking Andy. Poker is simply one of his variety int...

Some individuals may just blow you away using their results and Andrew (Andy) Bloch is one particular fellow. Andy could give everyone an inferiority complex by just reading about him. Firstly, Andy has not one, but two electrical engineering degrees from MIT. This stately homepage website has several unique cautions for the purpose of this thing. He's participated in advanced building of computer chips, has a law degree from Harvard no less, and is an effective stock broker.

And there is no-one to top Andy in regards to multi-tasking. Poker is simply one of his myriad interests, a LARGE interest, actually, although not enough of an interest to cause him to ignore his other activities. In-fact, h-e participated in his very first World Series of Poker event while still in law school and starting healthy study sessions.

This person is really remarkable, that in just a year of his poker origins in 1992, he had already developed the skills and confidence to enter a $100 entry fee no-limit Texas Hold em tournament. And lets perhaps not stop there. Andrew is an accomplished Blackjack person also, and was also featured in a documentary about card-counting called The Shoe