As to why Music Beginners (rappers) Are unsuccessful Three Reasons And Solutions

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A few common signs that a fresh rapper is stuck with this rut are that they try and come up with good ideas, have freelance writers block, and stop. Or come up with a few verses or bars, believe theyre no good, get disappointed, give up for a while, and pick the pen up again in a couple of days or weeks. For these people rap is a hobby.

Rap is made a hobby by others because they are afraid to fail at it... Remember this kind of! And it applies to everything you do; Success is attained only after many outages. If you can't handle failure, you aren't ready for success.

The Hobby Factor - Solution:

Produce rap a priority, set some time aside to dedicate to it. This kind of doesnt mean forget all your other responsibilities, but do write every full day. Writing every full day sounds very simple, agreed, but it is rarely practiced. The practice becomes understood to be write a warm verse/song every daywhich not necessarily.

Write every day simply means that. Write down your freestyles, a poem, the beginning page of a short storyline, ideas for a song, literally anything! Youll be amazed at how drastically this will speed up your learning curve.

Another good idea should be to change your entire frame of mind. Let us say youre living acquainted with your parents. Things straight are pretty, youre not starving. You plan on being a mechanical engineerWhat then is motivating you to improve your raps?

Now lets say you got your girlfriend pregnant, are living partially on the streets, working two jobs to eek out a livingand you see rap as your solution. Well you got some fire under your ass dont you now?

The point is not that you must be in any particular scenario to be a good rapperbut that if your situation isnt stimulating you, you need to force that motivation on you by various other means.

Rap with a hungerlike you literally need it to eat! Dont address it like a pastime. Whether you end up becoming a successful musician or not, the time you dedicated is never wasted. Good reputation skills and song posting skills are amazingly good for developing a good ability to have a conversation in any field.

2) The Experience Factor:

This problem is very common among new rappers.

In the hood you might hear a 12-year-old kid spitting a raw 16 bars. Thats because 12 in the hood is like 21 else anywhere.

A lot of new emcees are hesitant about what to write about because of a lack of experience actually. They havent seen the world first hand really. Its hard to write good raps when you dont really know your self yetbecause part of what a reputation does is communicate for the listener the personality and character of the rapper. Even so, not knowing who you will be is nothing to be embarrassed with.

So while the 21 year old from the outskirts of New Zealand may be intelligent, he may not be quite sure he knows who he is, what he stands for and what matters to him really, perhaps precisely because he thinks too much.