Tips for Maintaining Your Roof

Most homeowners underestimate how much care a roof needs in order to serve its purpose. The roof is a vital part of your home, and should be treated as such by regular maintenance that will help it last a long time without any damaging problems. Unfortunately there is not one single handbook about how to be a homeowner, so it is up to you to figure out how to best take care of your home. Here is some advice for maintaining the roof of your home and preventing major problems.

Spotting problems

To catch roof problems, you have to know what you are looking for. According to This Old House, there are several indications of roof problems that are easy to spot, but you also must keep in mind the age of your roof, because the older it is, the more likely it will need repairs. If your home is over 20 years old, you might need to replace your roof depending on how much repairing it needs. If your roof is fairly new, do not just assume it is in good standing, however. It is suggested that you inspect your roof at least once a year for any problems that need to be fixed. Some signs to look for would be several shingles that are lifting or cracked, dark areas, or any areas in your attic where light is entering.

Shingle durability

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material primarily because of how durable they are. Shingles can withstand harsh weather conditions, and if maintained properly, can last at least 20 years. Homeowners usually worry about shingles because of the steepness of their roof, but the truth is there are pros and cons to having a steep roof, and it doesn’t seem to matter how steep your roof is as long as you take care of your roof. Shingles are inexpensive to repair or replace, and if you want your shingled roof to last, you must take care of minor problems like shingles that are lifting or cracked before bigger problems arise.

Preventing major roof problems

First and foremost, make sure your roof is installed properly. Hire the right professionals that have great reviews, and that you trust can get the job done correctly so you don’t have to repair your roof frequently. If you are installing your roof yourself, use proper materials such as an ice and water shield and effective underlayment to prevent leaks and keep out pests. Lastly, don’t ignore any signs of a problem such as ceiling discoloring or loose shingles if you do not want to pay for major repairs in the future.

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