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 Said the cost, we then see settings. 720 p display, 5 inches wide 1.3 GHz 64 MT6735 quad-core processor chips, 1 gb of RAM and 8 gb ROM, 2400 mah battery pack, the Numbers look do not top, but for the majority of customers to be able to meet the simple needs of daily. Moreover, as zte, unicommeizu mx 5, side in side to create new products, zte drunk at suitable with Chinese suppliers unicom dual double hundred thousand 4 g systems, 2 g / 3 g / 4 g to fully support. At present, the international 102 nations and areas, more than 264 released LTE FDD network providers, zte drunk at cell mobile phone customers can enjoy the 102 nations and areas of high-speed smooth wandering, don't need to change the cell mobile phone.
   Zte drunk at shades of cell mobile phone is very rich, also serve meizu mx5 pricethe young shade choices of customers. Glowing blue, light red, red, lemon, green, yellow-colored, the six kinds of shade is shiny, but the most traditional zte drunk at the primary or white-colored edition, we get a review of the device are also white-colored fuselage.Moreover in camera as the primary selling feature, zte drunk at the pre - 5 thousand p and the collocation of the back 13 thousand p. Double-click the quantity when quenched screen "-" buy meizu mx5important factors can be noticed ahead of us say "snap" experience, after the truth discuss quick way key will instantly play, discuss images straight to the social system or send to friends.