LED display garbled traffic hazards

led targeted traffic(led traffic sign ) show employed in highway transportation program, primarily through the induction with the vehicle and to supply reference facts for the travelers who travel to achieve inside the control of the optimal visitors flow distribution and optimal car driving route.


 It totally grasp the real-time targeted traffic scenario in urban road network by way of the city's site visitors management technique, working with real-time dynamic site visitors assignment and traffic flow forecasting theory, and led site visitors signs to supply the most beneficial route to attain the location of travelers, by inducing the signifies to attain to ensure that the city's site visitors flow tends goal optimal distribution.


 Nevertheless it led display a wrong, garbled, it'll bring a really troublesome issue, even endanger road directions causing site visitors disorder.


 China(VMS) Binhai New hearing yesterday, members of your public Mr. Wu named the hotline to the newspaper, mentioned within a tunnel led Tanggu Chunfeng Road near the entrance towards the display, not too long ago broke down. Displayed on the screen isn't a road details, but only a black desktop. Mr. Wu stated that he likes to travel on weekdays significant screen to determine the information and facts, and I hope the relevant departments to carry out repairs as soon as possible.


 Following getting the reflected, the reporter went to the road tunnel close to the spring. Around the sidewalk subsequent towards the tunnel entrance, the reporter saw the error of your display. Screen background is black, there's no traffic directions above, but show a dozen computer system icon. Reporters noted that, when the desktop is entirely nevertheless, does seem to show fault.


 A pedestrian passing by here, told reporters that this display turned out to be close to the road site visitors information and facts show, when many men and women have develop into accustomed to viewing information and facts by means of select lines, specially drivers who travel by car. Having said that, the final two days, this show is out of order, what will not show up, I don't know what's fault.


 So, in the operation and traffic(variable message sign ), notices, indicators led display technical staff, must be stringent, certainly careless mistake, but in one critical location, led display is often a challenge, it will bring plenty of problems, really serious The problem.