9 Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

9 Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer


Searching for the right wedding photographer to record your wedding day is hard. You cannot just hire somebody you find on the internet or a photographer suggested by your friend. You need to do a background check and ask questions to potential wedding photographers.


Once you have the wedding date set, you should straight away start looking for a photographer. Start asking your family and friends for tips. You can also check within your area or go online to look for more wedding photographers. Meet with each of them and ask relevant questions to check the background, work experience and personality. It is important that you ask questions so everything will be settled well and you will have no problems during the wedding.


Listed below are some of the questions you must ask the wedding photographers you're going to interview.


1.    How many weddings have you worked on?
You need to know if he/she has enough experience in shooting weddings. The more experience he has, the better.


2.    Do you have a complete sample wedding album that I can see?
Ask for wedding albums of previous weddings he covered and check if the images look well-defined and great.


3.    What style of wedding photography do you use?
Wedding photographers have diverse styles. You should know what style he specializes in and if that style suits you then he could be a good choice.


4.    What devices do you have?
Inquire if he has many cameras, several set of lenses, memory cards, lighting equipment and other components.


5.    Do you have a second photographer or helper?
It's best if the wedding studio will designate two photographers to cover the wedding. These could ensure that more special moments will be caught on pic.


6.    Do you need a shoot list?
Ask the wedding photographer if he/she wants a shoot list. Many traditional photographers will ask for a shoot list so he will find out what you want them to take pictures of or what family or group shots you want to be incorporated.


7.    What is included in the package?
Make sure the details are clear and that you know what the package rate includes. There could possibly be excess fees charged to you if you’re not informed of what the restrictions and inclusions are.


8.    How many days will the post production be?

If the post production is only a couple of days, then the photographer is possibly not very efficient. Most post productions will take 2 to 6 weeks because the photographer will spend more time in editing the pictures to make it look awesome.


9.    How many hours will you cover?
Some photographers restrict their coverage to only several hours so you need to find out how many hours they will cover and how much you need to pay for excess hours.


Your wedding is very significant so be sure you ask suitable questions before finally choosing which photographer to get.