FF1400R12IP4 Eupec Infineon IGBT Transistor Module

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FF1400R12IP4 is the semiconductor you need to significantly improve the performance of your city’s railway tractions. With a power to generate up to 1200V, tractions can handle any challenges with ease.


FF1400R12IP4 is a Eupec Infineon IGBT transistor module. It has a Trench IGBT 4 with NTC and Emitter-controlled 4 diode to give the boost of energy that railway tractions need.


To handle extreme temperatures, FF1400R12IP4 is equipped with the following components:


·         Extended operation temperature

·         Low Vce (sat), and…

·         Improved power and thermal cycling capability


Infineon FF1400R12IP4 has a high power density. It has excellent DC stability and self-limiting short circuit current to make sure that the voltage does not deteriorate easily. This IGBT transistor module even has high creepage and clearance distances and a substrate for low thermal resistance.