Am I Going To Go To Imprisonment For A First time DUI Offense In Greater Cincinnati?

Am I Going To Go To Imprisonment For A First time DUI Offense In Greater Cincinnati?

Is Jail Time Mandatory For A First Time DUI Offfense In Cincinnati?


Sure, jail is mandatory for a first time DUI offense in Greater Cincinnati. But, it all depends upon the judge. The judge may take numerous factors into account. A judge might take into account the truth how the person behaved with police officers, when faced. There are also a lot of other aspects which come into consideration, that may influence a judge’s judgement.


The possibility of charges


If a person denies DUI examination, then he should spend no less than three days in imprisonment. He might also have to spend 3 days in imprisonment, when he fails a breathalyzer examination. In case he measures beneath a.17 on a breathalyzer, he will have to spend 72 hrs in imprisonment on a very first DUI offense. Even here the judges may take into consideration many other things before giving the judgement. A judge can even turn the jail sentence into something else.


Again, there is an additional check called a high tier test. In case a person measures above a.17 on a breathalyser check, then he may need to spend 6 days in jail on a first DUI offense.


However, you must know that nobody could push you to take DUI examination. The officer responsible may ask you, or request you to take the breath analyzer examination, but he just can’t apply force of any type on you to take the examination. You have got full rights to reject the examination.


Despite knowing the possible outcomes, car motorists however commit errors. They deny DUI examination on purpose, which leads to harsh penalty charges. It’s vital to hire a very good Cincinnati Criminal Lawyer to deal with the case, if you deal with prosecution for declining to undergo a DUI check.


State prosecutors might create severe risk. These sorts of cases happen every day in Cincinnati, and these state prosecutors are perfectly equipped with the information of the way people that are charged respond while going through trial. And there are a lot of verdict that go every day in favour of state prosecution team charging people who fail their 1st DUI check.


The state prosecution team is aware of the primary reason why you didn’t prefer to go for DUI test. And when you have a weak defense, you are probably waiting to be sent to a minimum of 72 hrs in the jail. Just imagine losing time, when you could easily have earned 1000s of dollars in hard cash in those three days. However you can save those three days, by choosing the perfect legal professional to fight your case. Attorney Patrick Mulligan & Associates is a skilled professional in handling DUI cases. He has been there fighting cases for a lot of DUI criminals over the years in greater Cincinnati region.


If you can get his expert services, you will be freed from the complications of going to prison for failing DUI check. He knows precisely how things work in legal courts, and his years of experience has helped him to fight many DUI cases with highest success.