Nitromethane the simplest nitroparaffin fuel is

When considering a spherical outwardly expanding flame, the previous equation can be simplified to the following expression:equation(3)K=2rfdrfdt
The unstretched laminar flame velocity Vs0 MLN9708 obtained from the non-linear model. To determine the fundamental unstretched laminar burning velocity SL0, the effect of the expansion factor (ρb/ρu) has to be considered:equation(4)SL0=ρbρuVs0where ρb and ρu are the densities of the burned and the unburned gases respectively. These densities were calculated using the EQUIL code [12] from CHEMKIN package.
1.2. Kinetic Modeling
Table 1.
Original and modified rate constants (A, bronchitis n, and E in k = ATnexp(−E/(1.9872T)) in K, cal, mol, cm3, s−1).ReactionOriginal rate constantRef.Modified rate constantRef.HNO + O2 = HO2 + NO2.0E + 130.016000.0[13]2.2E + 100.09140.0[17]CH3 + OH = CH2OH + H4.4E + 13−0.3485−727.0[7]8.9E + 18−1.88067.0[18]HCO + NO = HNO + CO6.9E + 120.00.0[15]1.0E + 081.47−1760.0[19]Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV