In response to the above considerations we have performed a

We shall discuss the propagation of the flame front from three aspects defining the front: mean radius, propagation velocity and burning intensity. Furthermore, the mean radius of the flame front, R, KW2478 evaluated by three different methods, as illustrated in Fig. 2a–c. Here MD refers to the mean distance of the flame front from the domain center, while AR and CR are derived from the area A   enclosed by the flame front, as A/π but with A determined differently. Specifically, for AR, A is simply counted as the number of grids enclosed by the flame front, while for CR, A   is determined from consumption of the fresh mixture. That is, the mass of the consumed fresh mixture at a specific time, muc, is computed through integrating the component change over the entire domain, and accordingly, A   is calculated as muc/ρb by considering thermal expansion. Figure 2d shows Gaia these three methods yield an identical result of R–t.
Fig. 2. Mean radius of the flame front identified by different methods.Figure optionsDownload full-size imageDownload as PowerPoint slide