In addition like nanoplates fabricated by etching method

Then, the deflection coefficient w0w0 will be obtained from Eq. (15) as follows:equation(16)w0=qa42Deff[100]ψ¯θπ4[4(4+δ¯θ)+6τθa2π2D[100]effψ¯θ]−1
Similar to NDR of pinned edge single crystals, the normalized deflection ratio of a clamped squared nanoplate is given in Eq. (17):equation(17)NDR=[1+τθD[100]effa2π232ψ¯θ(4+δ¯θ)]−1
It would be noted that the relation of NNF2=NDR−1NNF2=NDR−1 is yet correct for clamped nanoplates. Defining the constant size effect parameter S=(2τθa2)/(D[100]effπ2) the results obtained in this A-770041 section are summarized in Table 1 in which S and C represent the hepatitis B simply supported and clamped nanoplates respectively.
Table 1.
Summarized relations for orientation-dependent of resonant frequencies and static deflections.Case studyΘ(θ)(ω/2π)2(ω/2π)2 OR w0w0Resonant frequency NNF2=1+SΘ(θ)NNF2=1+SΘ(θ)S1ψ¯θ(2+δ¯θ)π22D[100]effρha4 1Θ(θ)+S C34ψ¯θ(4+δ¯θ)2π23D[100]effρha4 1Θ(θ)+S Lateral deformation NDR=11+SΘ(θ)S1ψ¯θ(2+δ¯θ)Pa4D[100]eff 1Θ(θ)+S −1C34ψ¯θ(4+δ¯θ)318π4Pa4Deff[100] 1Θ(θ)+S −1Full-size tableTable optionsView in workspaceDownload as CSV