How To Select Dresses for Your Bridesmaids

If your bridesmaids are in different sizes, how about just choosing a bridesmaid dress colour and fabric, then let your ladies choose their own dress style? Many shops will offer a vairety of bridesmaid dresses in same color shade. You can find suitable dress for your bridesmaids in their outfits, and will make them happy.

While, why not let your girls pick a different shade of your wedding theme colour to complement their individual tastes and skintones? If you're having a purple wedding, try to choose lilac bridesmaid dresses,plum bridesmaid dresses and dark purple bridesmaid dresses for your girls. You could even go for contrasting colours, for instance having a mix of yellow and blue bridesmaid dresses in your party for a beach-themed wedding.

The same principle applies to flowers; if your bridesmaids will be wearing the same style and/or colour of dress, how about personalising their bridesmaid bouquets? You'll still want colours that work with your overall wedding colour scheme ideas, but you can use different shades of the same flower, varied shapes in the arrangements or even just different coloured ribbons to match each bridesmaid dress colour.

What's more, let your bridesmaids choose accessories that complement both their outfits and their personalities. Jewellery, scarves and belts are all great for letting your bridesmaids put an individual spin on their ensemble, and you might want to offer them a choice of co-ordinating clutch bags for storing necessities, which will also double as a lovely memento gift of your big day.

Whatever you choose, try to keep your friends as happy as you are going to be with their beautiful bridesmaid dresses so you have a prefect wedding theme which can be enjoyed by everyone on the day as well as providing lots of wonderful memories.